My Daily walk

Hmmm not really sure what to say. I just thought I start a daily journal of my day to day life. I am sure it be boring on some days funny on others and maybe sometimes saddening or maddening, but I am sure I will try and keep ya entertained. Today we are all just relaxing laying around. Friday was a good day for me one We finally got the kids per-enrolled for school . They will start the new semester in January. We had problems from when we moved from Lassen county to Sutter county getting them enrolled in Charter school as most were filled. OK I am stopping here for now will add more later……..Tuesday Sorry for not updating in the last 2 days been busy lol. Sunday had church then a potluck afterwards, was gone most of the day. I had fun visiting with friends and catching up on their week over all great fellowship. Monday it was chaos at our place Imagine 5 people in a 1 bedroom apt, not Ideal but will do till We could get a bigger place. There are times when I wanna run away and not deal cause feel like too much happening too fast being lose proximity with family, can wear you down at times. I am so blessed with what I have so I try and not complain too much. I adore my kids and hubby. My kids all have their quirks and difference in personality, but they are close as can be for siblings Jacob my too serous boy who needs to be teased sometimes just to get him to laugh. Robert my too sensitive and joker of a boy who has a hard time being serious > and lets not forget my daughter Rebekah who can be all three and keep her brother in stitches time to time lol .ok kids calling me time to go till next time